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August 22, 2011

GothiCon cell group idea: Suggested geographical groups

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Although GothiCon attendees came from both coasts, the bulk obviously came from the states closest to Cincinnati, hence from the Midwest and to a lesser extent the South. Therefore the level of detail below isn’t meant to slight the coasts, the South, or Texas — it’s just some suggestions based on the geographical distribution i observed:

  • MN, ND, IA – suggested hub: Twin Cities – Des Moines and Fargo are both 3-4 hours away. Much of Wisconsin would be within 3 hours.
  • Chicagoland – enough population to be its own cell.
  • Central IL – hub: Peoria (?) – Decatur, Quad Cities, i’m not sure who else. Could also extend to Southern IL and even metro STL.
  • Greater Cincinnati, KY-IN-OH – Donna and her associates have done such a great job here that it probably stands alone as its own cell.
  • NW OH / MI – hub: Toledo – A half-dozen of us within an hour’s drive here; we could also join in with Cincinnati on occasion.
  • TN and other parts of the South – hub: Nashville. Also Florida could easily stand on its own, even tho i didn’t meet anyone from FL at GothiCon.
  • MO: I know there were some people from KC there, not sure about St Louis, but if so then this could be another logical grouping. The distance from KC to the Twin Cities is a bit farther than would be reasonable. Perhaps the central IL folks could meet up in STL.
  • East Coast – There’s obviously a ton of population here. I don’t have the feel for it that i did when i lived there, but at the very least one cell covering PA and western NY, and another covering say metro NYC up to New England, seem logical.
  • Texas – its own thing
  • CA – San Diego and the Bay Area are about 8 hours apart, so there’d logically be somewhere in the middle to meet. There might be other ways to organize this to include the desert SW (AZ, NV, etc.)
  • Pacific NW – plenty of people, i’m sure, but i don’t really know them.
  • And i don’t even know where to begin in talking about outside the US.
  • I propose that Grave Robbers (or Asylum or whomever) start to build these cell groups by creating a very simple communications infrastructure for each of the above. Email lists would be great. Facebook groups would be OK.

    I want to emphasize that these are just suggestions to get things rolling. If the individuals involved find that another organization works better, more power to them. Like any living organization, i hope that these groups will grow organically, divide, plant new ones, etc.

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